Are You Living With A Time Bomb?

These five habits can save your heart! Crushing chest pain, sudden loss of consciousness, ambulance, emergency department, heart attack! Each and every day, this common scenario presents at most hospitals throughout the world. After all, heart attack is the number-one...

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A Goal Properly Set Is Halfway Reached

It’s already the New Year. Time travels way too fast. What is fascinating is, as you know, I put a great deal of research into each piece that I write for the Wayal Family. As I looked for information about the Chinese 2019 New Year, the Year of the Pig, my theme for...

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Consider Wayal to be your Calling

The origin for the word for work in French is “travail”, which is derived from another Romance word “trabaja ”. In Spanish – which is rooted in Latin - means “to torture, inflict or suffering”. How is it possible that the concept of work would have any...

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Can Indulgences be Healthy?

We somehow have the idea deeply ingrained in our culture that pleasure is a bad thing – especially when it relates to our health. We believe that if it feels good, you should feel bad about it! Epicurus, an ancient Greek philosopher from 300 B.C., spoke openly about...

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5 Health Tips For Very Busy Women

For women, the way we are working isn’t always working out so well. In reality ‘having it all’ as we have come to know it, is utterly exhausting. We have prided ourselves in our capacity to do it all – raise a family, build a career, maintain...

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