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  • Keeping blood sugar levels in check & your body in balance.

    Why choose AndorraLife Advanced Blood Sugar Control?

    We use only the finest ingredients which are specially formulated to:

    • Help support healthy blood sugar levels
    • Enhance brain activity and mental clarity
    • Supports anti-aging
  • Breathe Easier.

    Why Choose AndorraLife Lung Cleanse?

    Andorra’s Lung Cleanse is scientifically formulated and tested to shield your lung from air pollutants and smoking damages, to detoxify and promote the healthy lung blood circulation.

  • Why we ♥ Caviar Omega.

    Why choose AndorraLife Caviar Omega?

    AndorraLife Caviar Omega is the most potent Omega-3 phospholipid and phosphocholine product available on the market today using purified oils from Caviar and wild-caught fish.

  • Getting to the heart of your health.

    Why choose AndorraLife Circulation Plus?

    Circulation Plus addresses your three top cardiovascular factors all at the same time: blood pressure, cholesterol, and circulation in just two capsules per day.

    Andorra’s Circulation Plus helps:

    • Support normal circulation, blood flow, and blood viscosity (thickness)
    • Support your body?s production of plasmin, which reduces fibrin. Fibrin can cause obstructions in the circulatory system.
    • Maintain normal blood pressure levels
    • Support optimal LDL to HDL cholesterol ratio
    • Support healthy HDL cholesterol levels
    • Maintain the health of artery walls
    • Provide powerful antioxidant protection to your entire body
  • Keeping you in good circulation.

    Why Choose AndorraLife CoQ10?

    CoQ10 is a large, fat-soluble molecule which makes it difficult to absorb. However, heres how Andorra Lifes CoQ-Nol 100 solved that:

    • CoQ-Nol 100 contains 100mg of water-soluble Ubiquinol, and is taken up in the bloodstream for immediate use.
    • Provides 800% or higher CoQ10 to the bloodstream than conventional Ubiquinone forms.
    • Achieves therapeutic levels of CoQ10 in just weeks.
    • Its been clinically tested on humans and is the preferred dosage form of Coenzyme Q10 recommended by many physicians and cardiologists.

    Those who are in need of higher dose of Q10 are better served by using our AndorraLife CoQ-Nol 100.

  • Flex your power

    Why Choose AndorraLife Flexi Joint?

    Feel better in 5 days!

    You can feel relief from the joint pain in as few as 5 days with our Flexi Joint, which contains glucosamine and boswellia serrata in amounts clinically shown to help protect, lubricate, and cushion cartilage. You can depend on our product to relieve your joint pain, heal your arthritis and repair your cartilage for long term health.

  • Prevent the sudden burning pain, stiffness and swelling of Gout.

    Why choose AndorraLife Gout Support?

    Andorra’s natural formula is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that in many ways promotes healthy uric acid levels and reduces flare-ups.AndorraLife’s Gout Support supports healthy kidney function, the upper respiratory system, and the intestinal tract.

  • Stand by Your Man

    Why choose AndorraLife Men's Complete?

    Specially formulated for all the nutritional needs of today's men.

  • Vitamin C. Essential for A Healthier Life.

    Why Choose AndorraLIfe Nature C?

    Nature C is the new form of Vitamin C. It contains vitamin C-lipid metabolites for enhanced delivery, absorption and utilization throughout your body. Nature C also improves blood plasma and tissue retention of Vitamin C.

    Comparative research studies in vitro and in humans demonstrate that Nature C is more rapidly absorbed and leads to higher plasma and cellular levels, having faster and more beneficial effects than ascorbic acid, calcium ascorbate and other ascorbate brands. These benefits include better stimulation of neurite outgrowth, increased fibroblast wound healing activities, increased protection of the immune system.

  • Antioxidants. Bodyguards that protect your health & vitality.

    Why Choose AndorraLife OPC Supreme?

    • OPC Supreme contains 4 types of natures most powerful antioxidant extracts
    • All-natural, Non-GMO
    • Supports anti-aging
  • Get a Great Perspective on Eye Health.

    Why choose AndorraLife OptiVision?

    OptiVision is the most beneficial for optimal eye health, it fights again the free radical/oxidative damage that results from exposure to toxins from cigarette smoke or environmental pollution.

  • A delicious fusion of organic fruits and vegetables.

    Why Choose AndorraLife Organic Reds Fusion?

    AndorraLife Organic Red Fusion is rich in anthocyanins, the health-promoting red pigments found in red, blue and purple fruits. Anthocyanins promote numerous benefits:

    • Cardiovascular health
    • Healthy cholesterol levels
    • Brain health
    • Eye health.

    Each serving of Organic Reds Fusion contains the antioxidant equivalent of 1 serving of fruits and vegetables based on ORAC

  • Raise your glass to a healthy lifestyle!

    Why Choose AndorraLIfe Organic Vegan Protein Fusion?

    AndorraLife Organic Vegan Protein Fusion contains an organic protein blend of: Proteins from rice, hemp and mushroom blend (Reishi, King Trumpet, Lions Mane, Cordyceps, Himematsutake, Turkey Tails, Shiitake, Maitake) Mushrooms are a promising source of novel bioactive proteins such as lectins,lignocellulolytic enzymes, immunomodulating proteins, protease inhibitors and hydrophobins.

    Prebiotic & Probiotic Blend: Organic Inulin and Probiotic Blend [L. acidophilus, B. longum, L. casei, L. rhamnosus]

    Organic Fruits & Vegetables Blend: Carrot, Beet, Apple, Blueberry, Spinach

  • Why choose Andorra International?

    Quintessential Multi Vitamins and Multi Minerals are a potent combination of over sixty vitamins, minerals, antioxidant, phytonutrients, enzymes, herbs and amino acids that fuel your body for good health. Each nutrient form was specially selected for maximum absorption and effect.

    In only 4 easy-to-swallow tablets per day, you will get the support your body deserves and that your busy lifestyle will appreciate:

    • Stress relief
    • Energy boost
    • A strong immune system
    • Strong bones
    • A healthy heart and blood vessels
    • Eye protection
    • Liver support
    • Healthy hair, skin, and nails
    • Brain health
  • Resveratrol. One of nature’s most powerful antioxidants.

    Why choose AndorraLife Resveratrol?

    We source Resveratrol from Switzerland. It contains 99% pure trans-resveratrol (aka Resveratrol ResVida). It is the only Resveratrol tested for safety. Its also been studied in double blind, placebo-controlled human studies. The findings show that our product helps promote healthy circulation and cardiovascular health as well as metabolic wellness.

  • Supporting a Woman’s Nutritional Needs

    Why choose AndorraLife Women’s Complete?

    Contains all the nutrients that a woman needs.

  • Your liver is vital to your health.

    Why choose AndorraLife Advanced Liver Detox?
    AndorraLife Advanced Liver Detox contains 9 forms of natural and effective ingredients that help your body regulate and maintain healthy liver function. Including:

    • Helps the liver remove toxins
    • Supports healthy liver function
    • Promotes anti-aging
  • Break through the brain fog.

    Why choose AndorraLife Brain Boost?

    Andorra’s exclusive Brain Boost formula enhances cognitive function by helping to improve blood circulation to the brain. it also provides increased neuroplasticity, which helps the brain build neural pathways throughout life.

  • Regulating the good and bad of Cholesterol.

    Why choose AndorraLife CholesterRght?

    The ingredients in AndorraLife CholesterRght have been tested and found to be effective in helping you reach and maintain healthy cholesterol levels without medication.

  • Build stronger bones and greater flexibility.

    Why choose AndorraLife Collagen Calcium?

    The Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology examined the effect of Collagen Calcium on bone mineral density and bone strength by using the osteoporosis rat model. The study has shown that Andorras Collagen Calcium has major positive effects on Bone Mineral Density and Bone Strength.

  • An herbal remedy that’s easy to digest.

    Why choose AndorraLife Enzyme Plus?

    Enzyme Plus is a comprehensive multi-enzyme formula that supports your digestive systems every need. All natural and fast acting, Enzyme Plus contains the most advanced complex of 15 nutrients and enzymes to target the most difficult foods to digest.

  • Like taking a nice, deep calming breath.

    Why choose AndorraLife Stress Formula?

    Andorra’s clinically studied formula helps alleviate mental and emotional stress.

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