Wayal Training Summit (WTS) – East Coast

Wayal held the East Coast Wayal Training Summit (WTS) on July 16th, 2017 in New York. With attendees spanning from around the globe, the turn-out was larger than expected. World-renowned educator Dr. Peter Kash opened the event and discussed the importance of succeeding through failure. During his presentation, Dr. Kash cited numerous prominent icons who […]

AndorraLife – Now in the official Physician’s Desk Resource

For generations, the Physician’s Desk Reference (PDR) has been a trusted resource for innovative health knowledge products and services. Found in virtually every pharmacy, physician’s office, clinic, and library, no medical reference is more current, recognized, or more respected than the PDR. And now, Andorra Life is proud to announce six hand-selected products that have been […]

The Wayal Fortune 50 Club Retreat

Following the the first Wayal Academy, Wayal continued the celebrations at the beautiful South Coast Winery and Resort, California. Located in Temecula on 400 acres, this award-winning vineyard was host to an immaculate  Gala Dinner, comprised of Wayal’s top 50 leaders, and served as a celebration to their successes, achievements, and their growing efforts. The […]

The first Wayal Academy

February 28th, 2017 marked the date of the first Wayal Academy event.  Held at the Pacific Palms Resort and Hotel in Los Angeles, California, hundreds of Wayal Affiliates flew in from around the world flew to attend this landmark event. During the event, affiliates expounded upon the initial Wayal message initiated at the 2016 Regional […]

None Of Us Is As Good As All Of Us

From the dawn of time “belonging” for most animal species is so much more than being part of something, it is the very basis of survival in this most competitive environment called life. Anthropologists will affirm through much research that when you are part of a cohesive group whether for keeping warm, seeking food, fending off predators or building a new company, the chances of success are significantly higher when working as a team with similar-minded peers.

Optimize Our Wellbeing with Supplements: Opinion from Dr. Linda Friedland

“Do we really need to take supplements?” “Isn’t a healthy diet enough?” Doctors are asked this question thousands of times a day! Although there is much data verifying the countless benefits, there has also been some research into specific supplements that remain unconvincing. Despite this, over 85% of medical doctors regularly take supplementation. Doesn’t this tell us something!

Private: A Message from Dr. Lombard about a Dietary Supplement, PS

Phosphatidylserine, or PS in acronym , is a natural compound found in some dietary sources but is also found in our brains. Its function is to help regulate cell membranes- the barriers between cells- in order to assist in the delivery of other nutrients as well as to remove waste material from the brain. By acting as a principle constituent of these cells, phosphatidylserine helps to maintain a balance of vital nutritional cargo.

A Message From Our Advisory Board

It’s been almost a month ago that we all met in Los Angeles at the Andorra West Coast Regional Training Event. How time flies. There were several significant takeaways. Perhaps the most significant is that Andorra is in a unique sector. According to Transparency Market Research the Nutraceutical market can expect to grow to $278 billion by 2021 up from $165 billion in 2014 and $142 billion in 2011. This includes all supplements, vitamins and functional foods and drinks. With growing trends in aging, more educated consumers, rising costs in healthcare and scientific validation of many supplemental products the industry will continue to grow on a global basis.