Following the the first Wayal Academy, Wayal continued the celebrations at the beautiful South Coast Winery and Resort, California. Located in Temecula on 400 acres, this award-winning vineyard was host to an immaculate  Gala Dinner, comprised of Wayal’s top 50 leaders, and served as a celebration to their successes, achievements, and their growing efforts.

The top 50 leaders arrived in limousines, and were welcomed in red-carpet style.  With Sparking Ruby Cuvee with campaign crystals in hand, leaders toasted to their accomplishments. Embraced by the candle-lit, heartfelt, and warm atmosphere, garnished with elegant violins in the background, Dr. Peter Kash toasted to the dinner:

“All of us are involved with the products that are producing health – that are producing a good physical and mental well-being”, said Dr. Peter Kash. “It is very important that we think about it ourselves. I think it is very important that all of you understand how special you are as individuals – and on a collective basis. I think we should all raise our glasses and wish this year to be a year of good health, happiness, a little success, and that we all find comfort with ourselves and our loved ones.”

Great food, great atmosphere, and most importantly, great people. Whether they were collaborating team members or simply new faces, the Wayal Affiliates expressed their encouragement and appreciation for one another. On this day, they were not strangers. They were not competitors.  On this day, they were one big Wayal family.


So, who were these astonishing 50?

1. Herbert and Diana Pan
2. Chunyan Ren
3. Pei Ping Wang
4. Kefeng Wei
5. Michael Zhu
6. Xiu Chen
7. Fan Zhang
8. Liming He
9. Hui Chen
10. Xiaomei Dong
11. Lizhong Jia
12. Jason Ning
13. Jing Yang
14. Aiping Chen
15. Yuxiang He
16. Xiaoyan Zhang
17. Zhi Kai Jiang
18. Gouqiang
19. Zhiyang Yu
20. Chong xian Wu
21. Melody Huang
22. Xin Zhong
23. Jie Zhang
24. Joy Xing
25. Rong Hu and Huaqing Chen
26. Li Song
27. Shangshang Yu
28. Tao Guo
29. Chris Liu
30. Ping Yin
31. Lan Ma
32. Wenxin Yong
33. Ping Xie
34. Juehong Xie
35. Jessica Sun
36. Xiaomiao Tu
37. Li Liu
38. Jane Maijala
39. Miao Wang
40. Sheng Qin
41. Jiale Lin
42. Xueceng Xiao
43. Jie Huang
44. Heng Da Liu
45. Liwei Liu
46. Fang Zhou
47. Yijing Ge
48. Peili Wang
49. Guiqin Lian
50. Haifeng Zhu